In Nigeria, according to the National Bureau of Statistics, women make up on average just 22% of the total number of Engineering and Technology university graduates each year. According to the same source, females only make-up roughly a fifth of the total number of people working in information and communication technology sector.

This means men are shaping the technologies being developed, leaving women as passive users of technology solutions for the most part.

As 90% of the jobs in the next 10 years will require technology skills and knowledge, an obvious problem exists and action needs to be taken to include and engage more women in STEM related jobs and opportunities.

Balance is a key element of life which we all strive to achieve. Whether it be balance between our work and social lives, diets or activities, its importance cannot be exaggerated. A balanced world ultimately results in a better world, so more efforts and initiatives need to be made to achieve a higher ratio of gender balance in the tech eco-system.

As a platform that is focused on enabling and fostering tech inclusion for social change and enterprise, we feel a great sense of responsibility towards women.  With the 2019 theme for international women’s day being ‘Balance for Better’, it reinforces our stance for gender balance.

In order to enable more women to engage in STEM related jobs, we decided to highlight the possibilities and opportunities that exist for women in technology by showcasing the stories of female thought leaders in the tech space.

In addition to this our mentorship programme is uniquely designed to support women, by providing access to a network of experts who will introduce and equip young women interested in having a career in STEM with the necessary tools for success and advancement.  

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