The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ were both launched officially on the 7th of August in New York.

These new devices took the internet by storm with their extraordinary features, that set the new flagship apart from its predecessors, including an improved 8GB/12GB RAM, Faster Charging speeds and Cameras.

The Note’s features are oriented towards increased video quality. The S Pen Stylus and the AR Doodle lets users edit live video feeds of objects and faces, making for hilarious moments.

This is also the case for the Zoom-in Microphone which operates in a similar fashion to picture zooming except that audio is what is amplified when the feature is utilized. It amplifies this audio and then works to filter background noise that isn’t in frame, so your video only has the sound you want.

Below is a table detailing all its specs in comparison to the Note 10+.

Note 10+

Note 10
Operating System   Android 9 Pie
One UI 1.5
Android 9 Pie
One UI 1.5
Display   6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED
3040×1440, HDR10+
6.3-inch Dynamic AMOLED
2280×1080, HDR10+
Processor Snapdragon 855 Snapdragon 855
Memory 12GB 8GB
Storage 256/512GB 256GB
Rear Camera 1 12MP, f/1.5-2.4, OIS, 77° FoV 12MP, f/1.5-2.4, OIS, 77° FoV
Rear Camera 2 16MP, f/2.2, 123° FoV 16MP, f/2.2, 123° FoV
Rear Camera 3 12MP, f/2.1, OIS, 45° FoV 12MP, f/2.1, OIS, 45° FoV
Rear Camera 4 VGA DepthVision
f/1.4, 72° FoV
Front Camera 10MP, f/2.2, 80° FoV
auto focus
10MP, f/2.2, 80° FoV
auto focus
Battery 4300mAh
45W wired
15W wireless
25W wired
12W wireless

Although the Note 10+ is far more expensive at a hefty 400,026 NGN or more compared to the Note 10’s 345,500 NGN price range, the investment makes a big difference and the Note is a device worth its money regardless of which version you buy.

So, what’s the catch?

The Price of Excellence

Many users will be disappointed to see the loss of several critical features, such as the conventional Headphone Jack and Micro Card SD slot though the phone possesses USB headphones and Bluetooth 5.0 capability to soften the blow.

Additionally, some believe the inefficiency of the Note’s handwritten text conversion hinders its main selling point –the S Pen. Luckily these caveats don’t extend to the S Pen’s other features, like the AR Doodle. Still, the reliance on gimmicky software as a crutch for the Note’s faults detracts from its value.


The Note 10 lives up to the hype, but whether its cons outweigh the benefits is for individual consumers to decide, especially when several other devices fill its niches in the market.

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