TechPlus is a platform that connects, enables and fosters tech inclusion for social change and enterprise.
In the past years we have solely utilised our Annual technology conference and Expo as the main avenue for provision of tech inlcusion. Now, we have evolved into a robust plaform that drives tech inclusion all year round. We do this through Events, Start-up Mentorship and Media & Communications.

Our Core Values

We are innovative

We are forward thinking

We seek inclusion for all

We are insightful

What we do


From eSports competitions to Breakfast series to Africa’s Largest Technology Conference and Expo gathering, we pride ourselves on creating and curating technology centred events.

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We provide the latest updates on all things tech. From product launches to reviews to general tech news that affects daily life.                                                                                         

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With our mentorship programme we provide access to a pool of industry leaders who can guide young businesses on the path of longetivity and growth.                                                   

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