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October 3, 2017

Avon HMO goes all out to innovate. From being the first HMO to sell health plans online to designing flexible health plans that give everyone access to quality healthcare, they simply go for it! Few things can be as financially destabilising as an emergency health situation. However, you don’t have to work in a big company or multinational before you can have a healthcare plan. With Avon HMO, you could be working for a startup, small company or even own one and still afford to have a plan in place for your health. So whether you’re just starting out in life, thinking of starting a family, settled in mid-life or successful enough to only want top of the range, Avon HMO has a health plan that’s perfect for you. Go ahead… go for it!

Visit www.avonhealthcare.com to enrol online today!


June 19, 2017

Is your dream to be a Linux certified administrator? TechPlus can make this happen for you in 2017. In partnership with Virtual Nigeria, the only certified Red Hat training centre in West Africa, your dream can become a reality. At no cost you will undertake the Red Hat system administration 1 (RH 124) course during the July 6-8 event at the Landmark Event centre in Victoria Island.

By registering to attend TechPlus 2017 and meeting the necessary criteria you can qualify and earn the certificate at the end of the training. IT professionals without previous Linux experience will be taught ‘survival skills’ as it concentrates on core administration tasks.  There are limited slots available to enable the facilitators give the required attention to selected students over the course duration.

Jump right in and register right away to secure your place for the certificate that will take you to another level in your profession. Tell a friend and spread the news that TechPlus is poised to help make dreams a reality by adding tremendous value this July. See training details below.

Course overview

Red Hat System Administration I provides a foundation for students wishing to become full-time Linux system administrators by introducing key command line concepts and other enterprise-level tools. These concepts are further developed in the follow-on course, Red Hat System Administration II (RH134).

Course content summary

  • Introduction to the command line
  • Managing physical storage
  • Learning how to install and configure software components and services
  • Establishing network connections and firewall access
  • Monitoring and managing processes
  • Managing and securing files
  • Administrating users and groups
  • Accessing Linux file systems
  • Installing and using virtualized systems
  • Reviewing the system log files and journal

Audience for this course

IT professionals across a broad range of disciplines who need to perform essential Linux administration tasks including installation, establishing network connectivity, managing physical storage, and basic security administration.


June 9, 2017

The biggest technology event is back and is bigger than ever this year! The Techplus 2017 theme is An Intelligent Future: From Connectivity to Digital Immersion and promises all lovers of tech an exciting time for its three day duration. From July 6 to 8, the Landmark Event Centre in Victoria Island will be bursting at the seams with all things technology.

When we say all things tech, we mean ALL…from industry captains, thought leaders, experts, enthusiasts, geeks, followers, lovers and the curious. We had you on our mind when we conceived this edition and we promise that there’s something for everybody. Enterprises, start-ups, women, media, financial services, development and even the government have been included. The global technology ecosystem will be represented as well as what the African continent has to offer.

The line up of speakers are founders, innovators, experts and leaders in technology and includes Silas Adekunle, Bukola Sawyerr-Izeogu, Chioma Agwuegbo, Abiodun Johnson and many more. They will share on ideas, policies and the development taking place in the technological space at the local, national and international levels.

The theme will delve into several aspects that include AI, AR, workforce automation, digital disruption and the internet of things. We will catch a glimpse of how some of these advanced technologies are being applied in everyday use at school, work and home. We make bold to say you will discover that science fiction is no longer a genre in Hollywood but is closer than you imagined and right at your fingertips.

Get ready to learn some things you did not know, rediscover and plunge into deeper realities but also have some fun! In this regards we have planned for the kids to participate in this year’s conference too. Like we all know technology also plays a huge part in entertainment and gaming is a big part of the pie. The gaming culture has a growing audience on the African continent and once again gamers will demonstrate their skills as they compete for mouth-watering prizes.

Techplus 2017 promises to be exciting and it’s just a few weeks away. We started early so that you don’t miss out on any aspect of this awesome event. Save the date and get ready to connect, interact, engage and collaborate on all things tech.


February 13, 2017

July 4 – 8, 2017 has been announced as the dates for the 2017 edition of West Africa’s largest Conference and Trade Expo, TechPlus 2017.