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May 3, 2017

Meet Pari, the internet-connected cuddly pal that allows you to hug loved ones from anywhere in the world. Parihug combines virtual and emotional experiences to bring the human touch back to digital communication.

In 2015 Xyla Foxlin (an engineering student) founded Parihug to bring people together through the union of emotion and Technology. Parihug creates internet connected stuffed animals that let you hug loved ones from anywhere in the world! When one stuffed animal is hugged, the other emits a gentle haptic response and the receiving stuffed animal then hugs its owner with a gentle vibration. The result is the release of oxytocin (the ‘love hormone’) into the user’s brain. This can only be released by physical stimuli and brings loved ones closer than just a phone or video call. Parihug works to bridge the distance between family and loved ones. So parents, grandparents, siblings, long distance couples, etc., No matter the reason for the distance you’re just a hug away from anyone in the world.

Source: PariHug Press Release, 2017